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   We work with members of the medical community, both private and armed forces, to use videos, photographs, and favorite songs triggering "memories" to slow and hopefully forestall ones dementia due to aging, and/or assist in general with memory loss, especially after combat injuries!

   Several years ago, while at a medical conference in Chicago, IL, I attended a lecture by two noted neurosurgeons with the Veteran's Administration (VA). They had started working with military soldier's and their combat brain injuries. At that time they were, with some limited success, rehabilitating a soldier's brain plasticity with family photo's, films, etc., to rebuild positive memories of their lives prior to injury. The consensus was the modest success proved it was worth pursuing on a larger scale.

   We use the "miracle" of videography to assist in restoring memories which is our constant corporate goal. A person's warm "fuzzy" feelings come from remembering the joys in our lives, our families, friends, our achievements, and individual successes.

To remember, gives everything meaning. Well edited videos assist in achieving this worthy goal.

William Bordeaux